Saturday, August 29, 2009

The end & a beginning...

One thing leads to another...
frustration..anger..& tears...
I wish i really knew why,
It never matters however hard i try...
I take my 'that one chance',
The world,as sinister, watching close.
And i fail......It didn't happen...
Suddenly i realize...i am forsaken...
Abased & jaundiced,
I feel my apocalypse coming...
Moribund, dank..I experience desolation.
Life takes up eternal stagnation...

What do You know of damnation?
For me, its like the air i breathe...
My whole world dejected me.
Can someone just...please set me free?
Everything so vile,like a chimerical,
causing me to metamorphose,
Feel things I've seldom felt,
Choleric,drab,detrimental & swindled...
Nothing is as appealing anymore.
Its like an omnious charnel house.
Nothing seems to beatify me anymore...
Death enrapturing me to the core...

I wish I could mortify all these feelings.
But they are all that I'm left with.
The only things that wont abandon me,
Leave me desecrate & sully...
If I could only devour those,
Inexorable humans, my foes!
Culpable, causing my downfall,
Exonerate, seek justice & stand tall...
No one to entrust n confide in,
Fallacious, illusory humans.
Those reprehensible are condoned,
while the immolated are condemned.

So much hatred...Such is the acrimony...
That i have learnt from this world.
I for now fester every bliss & exuberance,
Defile & nullify my every sense.....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Heartbeat

Your amatory heart was once, mine…
Your ardent feel, I so much miss…
The world would tosh our amour,
But I remained voracious for your kiss….
Touch my lips & feel my soul,
I am craving for my lost sanity…
I tremble & curl inside my soul,
I search for my love in dark vicinity…

I want to hear a heartbeat beside me
Make all ends meet, cant you see?

My head became a roaring tumult,
I wenched for a drop of tear…
The world seemed to incite vertigo,
I tried to hold on to my fear…
How could you abandon me now,
After all that we have shared…
With you I had my amaranth,
The soul for which I bled…

I want to hear a heartbeat beside me
Make all ends meet, cant you see?

Deep wrath shadowed my love,
You left me hollow, like wraith…
A venial soul to wring your venison,
The tumulus, I pray, be your fate…
Anguished eyes I look at you,
You mourn with a face so vile…
But then, I hear a faint heartbeat,
My agony fades to a smile…

All I wanted was to hear a heartbeat beside me…
We could’ve made all ends meet, couldn’t you ever see

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Heart Break

You had promised the the whole world,
But you tossed me away like a stone.
I am leaving you with all your petty secrets,
Leaving you to regret, all alone.
I never bothered what my eyes were seeing,
Cause i always loved the inner being,
Our love was like a dream come true,
Little did i know, dreams are always few.

Sometimes I feel i rushed things,
Maybe i should've taken it slow.
I may never be able to feel again,
But i am willing to let emotions flow.
Your shadow was something i wanted to be,
But the world seemed more important to you, than me.
Everything felt aghast enigmatic,
I wondered in vain, why we couldn't make it tick.

I may be acrimonious & surreal,
But you never made me see reason,
Your love will haunt me every passing moment,
Making me weak, I just want to run.
Its ludicrous how you have changed,
Changes are inevitable but this was not what we arranged.
Leaving me in lurch, now you are free,
I might be wrong about it all, but it's what u made me see.

I feel numb, I feel lonely,
It hurts to see you, now so far away.
The spaces b/w have grown immense,
You cant even hear me when i say ''i miss you baby''.
Asphyxiated, Belabored is what i feel,
Memories piercing me heart which might never heal,
The babel in my head driving me abate,
Just say something to make it go away.

I wish you knew how it feels,
to love someone who cant give you a time of the day,
It feels like abjection , Yes it does...
When that someone cant wait to throw you away.
Your ignorance drives me insane,
Your silence inflicts a jilted pain,
I wish you'd ask me to stay,
But you just watched me walk away.

I will miss saying '' I miss you'',
I will miss saying ''I love you'',
I might miss everything & the way we were...
But yes, cause moments like these very very few.
I shut all doors as i listen to my solitude,
and hear all the things that were previously mute.
My life might not ever see the light of another day,
But i guess, Goodbye was the only way...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mistress Of The Night

(Dedicated to True Blood, Vampire Wars , Twilight & all fang bearers...=D)

Strong arms caress your body,
Sharp fangs rip into your throat,
Draining your blood n life,
Lustrous fine beet red coat…
Your vision blurs and fades ,
As blood drains from your earthy being,
You imagine you can barely see ,
The creature lavishly feeding…

Your bloody sire taunts you ,
Before throwing you to the moss,
Holding objects in front testing power,
A mirror, light, a wooden cross...
Your extreme embraces you,
Filling exsanguinated body with blood of the undead,
Ecstasy and sabotaged pain fill you,
And it feels like love, you live…red...

Your stone exterior is thrown away,
Buried six feet underground like urinals,
You starve, your throat fucking burns,
Mutilated, Proscribed. Immortals...
Emerging from the cold grave dirt,
Filthy mud caked in your visions,
You retch, the dark night settles upon you,
Commander of an army of minions...

[The hunger descends upon you, pulling you towards sustenance.
The sun rises, closes your first night, settling into your crypt, you run a tongue over your fangs, you are..................The Mistress of the night…]

-May' 29th' 09

Countess Bathory

-For a very close friend who got me into the idea of writing, One fine day he tells me he want's me to write for him & i sucked at it.( Atleast what I thought)...He asked me to write about this very prominent figure- Countess Báthory Erzsébet (Elizabeth). (She was a Hungarian Countess belonging to the very renowned Bathory family, and is possibly the most prolific female serial killer in history. She is known as ''Blood Countess'' and as the ''Blood Lady of Cachtice''after the castle near Trencin.)

She’s the sorceress of Eternal Beauty n Gore Desire,
And she chimes death's ancient bell...
When she dies she has a place in burning fire,

reserved with Satan in bloody hell...

Moon lights the orgy bewitching all that might,

her satisfaction grows, she’s Succubus to the core,

Your pain seems sweet like wine, like sex, n moonlight,

Because you won’t dare resist the Devil's Whore...

The insatiable thirst strikes unbearable fear,

Her savagery is legendary, the name lives through the ages,
Feast in human blood, the Ritual death by her,

Darkness, moon and sex, Lady of blood is what she is...

You better leave She’ll fucking hurt you deep,
And You know She’ll fucking cut like a knife...

Our neck so white, inviting fangs in our flesh to sink,
She is so the queen tyrannic...
Her thirst, our vein, wine from the chalice to drink,

Sits on her lap, Satan, inciting sex, blood and panic...
Her sexual desires raise a diabolical heat,

Heart turning black, the blood moon rises,

Hatred poisons my veins as she feeds on meat,
irresistible infernal power, cuts women, satisfy her dark desires...

Female corpses sadistically mutilated,
Fetus ripped out from mother's womb,

The yearning for time, the yearning for eternal life,
Fucking blood running across her tomb...

You better leave She’ll fucking hurt you deep,

And you know She’ll fucking cut like a knife...

Thanx mate.
- Apr 30, 2009