Saturday, July 17, 2010


Holocaust is nearing,
Few gather, watch & feast.
Few hide away fearing.
Preparations on, [Hail the Beast]...
Is it what is causing this heat?
& luring the forsaken to its creak?
Darkened dusk's & crimson skies.
Fields of paper filled with lies.

Seducing tormented damsels,
Diabolic intentions in its mind.
Whispering soft words.
So deceptive but yet so kind.
Bestial powers forging through hell
Callous orgy sounds.
Caught in a demonic spell,
Smoke rising from the ground.

Choosing the helpless victim
Taking her down its lair.
Where it viciously skins them.
Leaving them scarce n bare.
''Il make you hurt, suffer & cry,
Till you enjoy it, you know why?
Whats inside you, you bloody whore!
cause when I stop you'll beg for more.''

Gurdled by voracious demons,
Starving & waiting to spray their semen.
Incising her tiny cunt, a Gore Fest.
Pissing on her butchered breast.
Driving through the anus, cruel lust.
Her pain , that makes you cringe.
Tearing tissues, Gushing pus,
Blood drifting below, inch by inch.

Anal electrocution, such as deadly.
Oozing vomitous mass...
She begs for it to leave her be,
For mercy, as she might not last.
Demonic army gorging on lust,
Autoerotically asphyxiating a few.
The Beast will do what it must.
BEWARE, next could be you!