Friday, May 7, 2010

The Dream

Walking down this road to nowhere.
With the wind blowing in my face...
I desire pain, remorse,release,
It's all i have left to chase.
Should you know, I can not sleep,
Cannot stand seeing you in my dream
Your reflection, on my windows at night.
Your scent, voice, your shadow in my realm.

I did not think to ever see...
you, again, in my dream...
In the midst of this sad garden...
I wake up, res roses in my hand, a choking scream.
I was never this jaundiced,
Now that everything screams potential threat.
Possessiveness, I know it is not nice.
Iam vexed, annoyed...this vice.

Everything changed, everything was new.
Everything i learnt, all overturned.
Why should I ponder over such emotions?
The fire is put out, just the ashes of the burnt...
I do not know what you have to me...
I should have never fallen this easily.
This strange sense of fear...
Now that you are no more near...

I always thought I was sensible.
But how could i ignore what was visible?
How can i kill this dream?
Now that you have killed the dreamer...
I suppress this pain as long as i can bear
And desperation creeps inside me...
Truth is found when hell reaches you.
I just sit & pray to see my time come soon.


There she lies with moist eyes,
Weeping at the times gone by...
Wishing it all had never happened,
Living out the memory of the love that died.
She does not know what to say
Of the pain, the remorse, she feels today.
She does not know where to ever start,
While her fragile heart is tearing apart.

It feels as if her life was snatched away,
Everything she had, all scuttled.
Love was once there & now gone.
Like a wounding but nimble song.
A song she desired would last,
If only so much had never happened this fast.
In the blink of an eye,
Now, all by herself, left alone to cry.

If only prayers would ever be answered,
If only she would never see him around.
Never did she think something so perfect,
Would pull her high up & bring her down.
She shuts her eyes real tight at night,
& hopes to turn back time,
But how should the pitiable fool know?
Alone we come & alone we go???

Her heart, an open sore.
Her mind, a shut door.
Frozen she lies on the isolated shore.
Clasping a red scarf that her Lover once wore.