Friday, December 3, 2010


Tonight is magic, I can feel it...
Adrenaline rush, Iced crush.
Mind and body, Body and soul,
The rapture setting my heart on a roll...
This is blasphemous, abominable.
That inhuman howl, my soul follows...
Chaos crashing down, inebriated aggression.
A part of me smiles in shadows.

Now that we walk beside each other,
And share our prey against our kinds.
The shockwaves of power, fearless,
In the darkest night, occultism that blinds.
''Come into my lair, my bestial world,
Feel the danger in the air of sins.
Tonight is ours to make, my dear...
Solemnization with blood and catkins''.

Our pulses rising like glowing flames,
Our souls reaching abode...
Admist obscurity, this amorous dawn,
Far from the ordeal, orgasms flowed
Oblivious of the reality, I have you now.
For everyone, profanity it might be...
But the way you can fuck my soul baby,
It can never be anybody, just you and me...

There is nothing more beautiful and coltish,
Than the glitter of death in your eyes.
Let it rain blood and venereal poison,
Maladjusted, time to say our goodbye's...
The bleeding void that once stinged,
Ensnaring my senses, a new awakening.
The crimson skies, the silent screams...
The purple rains, our new beginning.