Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Here's what happens when you spend even a year of watching n hearing bullshit! No it's not a random fit of agony, it is frustrating n since many are either blind or a part of the bullshit, i really did want to write about it regardless of how many would even bother reading this.

It started with a status message on my profile but what? A facebook profile? I mean grrrr.
This aint my diary. This is just a small note for the blind.

Simple thought. You could choose to just imagine...

Here's a group of people -
They create this silly buzz anytime about anything n everything like bloody baniyas.

They go gaga over e/o like the next big thing, ah the praises n accolades ...portray their lovers, friends, family any far off relatives as the next big thing for all others to accept n believe....errr....for what exactly? Uh .. no nobody really knows but they join in. How pretty. :)

Oh but they do talk about standing up n supporting other major issues but... alas they're again too over shadowed by e/o aren't they?, they actually start to think they're celebs. Woohoo?? Fuck you.!

All this gets too transparent for others to see (Atleast ppl who're paying attention, oh n me? .. well i find such ppl amusing n absolute weirdos, shit self obsessed! )

Oh but really, are we considered so dumb? I mean this happens everywhere, abroad, in our country. Well im here, but hell man, Indians are surely not that dumb now.. I wonder what goes through their mind? Or are they always toooooo crowded by their 'own group'?? :| Absolutely no idea *dumb expression*

But reallly someone oh someone wake up. LOL slap these mofos off their arses n tell em to fuck off. We so don't need you! If i could... i WOULD!

Anyway its a thought that amuses me n disgusts me. Gahh

Stay away from humans who you can relate this note to at the moment is what id suggest. Dum dee dum. *Phew*